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Gemma Parellada
Africa correspondent, based in Ivory Coast.

Barcelona-born reporter, longest-serving Spanish journalist in Africa. Correspondent for El País, CNN Español, Catalunya Radio, and RFI Español, and contributor to CNN International. Recipient of the Miguel Gil, Joan Gomis and Dev Reporter journalism awards. Author of articles on the cultural scene on the continent.


Salym Fayad
Journalist, documentary photographer and cultural promoter based in South Africa.

Cofounder and programmer of MUICA African Film Festival in Colombia and the Colombian film showcase in South Africa. Manager of cultural events and tours involving international artists in Southern Africa. Author of articles on music, film and cultural issues on the continent.

Beatriz Leal
Curator, professor, and critic specialising in African cinema and art.

Since 2011, she has been a programmer for the New York African Film Festival and the cinema section of Africa es Imprescindible. As an independent curator, she has worked with Artium, CCCB, Tabakalera, MUSAC, the Filmoteca de España, the Filmoteca de Navarra, the Filmoteca de Valencia, the Filmoteca de La Rioja, and Azkuna Zentroa (Spain) and has served on the jury of international film festivals. She writes for numerous academic and general-interest publications.


Elsa Rodríguez-Cabo Doria
Community development and international cooperation consultant.

Community development and international cooperation consultant with a decolonized gender approach. She has worked and lived in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo for over 5 years. Contributor for the Centre for African Studies in Barcelona (CEA), studies African Feminism, Masters in Gender and Development and a degree in African Societies.


Albert Caramés
Researcher, graduate in Peace Culture and disarmament expert.

Has worked in Ivory Coast, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo in local research centres as well as United Nations missions and other international organisations. Associate of the International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP) and member of FundiPau.

Carme Altayó
Technical expert and consultant, specialised in DR Congo.

Technical expert and consultant for international organisations, public entities, and NGOs, with over 25 years of experience working in international cooperation. Swahili speaker and expert on the Democratic Republic of Congo, a major focus area of hers since the early 90s.

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